I am very pleased to have invested my time with Diana at Directions Coaching.

I looked forward to each session as this gave me the opportunity to stop and reflect and also plan some goals.

Goals, both professionally and personally, which I was not making time for as the days were ‘too busy’.

Diana gave me structure and feedback and I particularly benefited from the open dialogue and role play.

I can highly recommend investing yourself with Diana at Directions Coaching.

Mr A.




Diana helped me to simply find practical ways to achieve my goals, and although they were still a challenge to me I had a framework to stick to and tools to use in order to do so. It simplified things for me making my goals seem less overwhelming and far more achievable.

Diana allowed me to come up with ways to deal with something myself, and yet when I was stuck, she had options to offer me; I felt like I was steering my life, and yet it also gave me the 'safety' of having support if I couldn't find my way.

Thank you Diana


Ms S,




Diana’s style is an encouraging one. She is so true hearted and it is a pleasure for me to have found such a professionally confident advocator.

This promotes a tremendous feeling of reassurance

I would recommend Diana to any person seeking the services of a professional coach


Ms A,





It wasn't exactly what I was looking for but surprisingly it helped with the unsolved issues I had. It got me up and going on track. It was very motivating and rewarding. Thanks to Diana I now have the motivation and drive to deal with goals and follow through successfully.


Ms D Mc,